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online therapy

Free & Low Fee

Online Therapy Sessions

for those on the front line of Covid-19 in the USA

Healthcare professionals,
first responders, grocery store employees,
and those out there serving us during this pandemic - we thank you. 
You are doing your part. 
We'd like to do ours, by supporting you with short-term, free & reduced fee sessions.

We are a collective of experienced, licensed private practice therapists across the country, that would like to be of service to essential workers at this time.  We have therapists in all 50 US States* who have agreed to lower their fees to $50 per session or less, in order to support you with short-term online therapy.  Coronavirus Online Therapy does not profit from this connection service.  We do not charge for use of this platform.  Those who are matched with therapists pay the private practice clinician a discounted rate directly.  When there is a need for pro-bono sessions, no money exchanges hands.  This site and service is 100% volunteer-created and run.


If you are an essential worker on the front line of COVID-19, we thank you. 

Please visit our "How it Works" page to learn more, or to request a session click here. 

* Please note that we do not presently have therapists located in Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, or the North Mariana Islands.  Therapists licensed in these territories are welcome to join us.